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10 Nov 2021

Southeastern to win back passengers with more trains to boost the night-time economy and shift people from cars to greener rail

Southeastern to win back passengers with more trains to boost the night-time economy and shift people from cars to greener rail: CityBeam-Class707-LondonBridge

  • New and re-introduced services in the timetable from December
  • Highspeed services to resume at Sandwich, Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill at off-peak times
  • Return of post-midnight trains from London Charing Cross, plus new Saturday late night service for Hastings
  • New off-peak service between Maidstone East and London Blackfriars starts in February

More trains will be re-introduced to the train timetable, beginning on December 12, supporting jobs and the economy across Kent, East Sussex and south-east London, as part of Southeastern’s drive to win back passengers to the railway encouraging people from their cars onto cleaner, greener journeys by electric train.

With 90% of leisure travellers having returned to the railway at weekends and during the half-term holiday, boosting the economy of the south-east, Southeastern is seeing around 40% of commuters returning to the railway for regular work journeys.

To encourage more people to take the train, making an environmentally friendly travel option, Southeastern is making a number of improvements, including:

  • The re-reinstatement of off-peak Highspeed trains between Ramsgate and Dover, with better connections timed between Highspeed trains and Mainline trains.
  • The re-introduction of trains leaving Charing Cross after midnight to south-east London and west Kent, making weeknights out in London’s West End easier and more convenient.
  • A new Saturday late-night service departing Hastings at 23:30 for Tonbridge – allowing people in East Sussex and West Kent to make the most of the town’s nightlife and boosting the evening economy.

A small number of additional trains will also be introduced during the daytime between Maidstone East and London.

From Monday February 21 2022, Southeastern will introduce new off-peak services on weekdays between Kent’s county town and Blackfriars, all of which will call at West Malling, Borough Green & Wrotham Otford, Swanley, Bromley South and Elephant & Castle.

In addition, Class 707 City Beam trains new to Southeastern will continue to be rolled out across the London area routes.

Steve White, Southeastern’s Managing Director, said:

"Our number one priority is to win back our customers and reverse the shift from public transport to cars that occurred during the pandemic. Rail is the greener way to travel and we want to make our service an easy and compelling choice for people to make.   

“We’ve listened to our passengers and stakeholders and we’re pleased to be able to respond with a timetable that adds in extra late-night services, with 92% of our pre-Covid capacity available, allowing passengers to enjoy theatre, restaurants and bars, boosting the night-time economy.

“The timetable is another step in our plan to win back customers. We’ll continue to increase the number of services to match demand and we’ll be delivering more improvements for our customers.”

Contact information

Southeastern Press Office

0330 095 9091

Notes to editors

Summary of changes

London to Ramsgate via Deal


  • Off peak London St Pancras International to Dover Priory services are extended to Ramsgate, calling Martin Mill, Walmer, Deal and Sandwich
  • The 08:37 and hourly until 13:37 St Pancras to Dover Priory services are extended to Ramsgate via Deal
  • The 09:49 and hourly until 14:49 Dover-St Pancras services will start back from Ramsgate, via Deal
  • London Charing Cross to Ramsgate via Deal trains will start and terminate at Dover during off-peak times, as this route will now be served by High Speed services
  • The 07:39 and hourly until 12:40 Charing Cross-Ramsgate trains will terminate at Dover.
  • The 09:25 and hourly until 14:25 Ramsgate-Charing Cross will start from Dover.
  • The 19:02 Ashford-Charing Cross train will start back from Ramsgate at 17:52 and run via Deal and Dover
  • Most mainline trains between Charing Cross and Ramsgate (via Deal) will wait longer at Dover in order to give a better connection to and from High Speed services at times when direct High Speed services do not operate.

Canterbury West

  • On Friday evenings, the 23:25 London Victoria-Ashford International is extended to Canterbury West, calling at Wye, Chilham and Chartham. This offers a connection at Ashford from the 23:40 from Charing Cross and the 00:12 from St Pancras.



  • The 06:50 Sandwich-London St Pancras International (via Dover) will be lengthened to 12 carriages
  • The 18:07 St Pancras-Sandwich (via Dover) will be lengthened to 12 carriages.
  • The 21:25 St Pancras-Faversham is extended to Ramsgate calling at Whitstable, Herne Bay, Birchington on Sea, Margate and Broadstairs. This service is now formed of 12 carriages.
  • The 23:55 St Pancras-Faversham is reinstated on weekdays. There is a connection at Faversham for all stations to Ramsgate
  • The 22:25 St Pancras-Faversham will be 12 carriages
  • On Saturdays, the 10:55 and 11:55 Margate-St Pancras trains will be lengthened to 12 carriages
  • On Saturdays, the 10:12 St Pancras-Margate will be lengthened to 12 carriages.

Hastings line (weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays)

To improve punctuality and reduce the number of trains that occupy Hastings station at any one time, Southeastern services will now generally use only platform 4 and the fast and slow services are switched around the clockface:

  • The xx:15 (xx:55 on Sundays) London Charing Cross-Hastings trains will now become the semi-fast service
  • The xx:45 (xx:25 on Sundays) Charing Cross to Hastings trains will now become the all-stations service

Southern have also changed the timings of some of their trains through Hastings, and services from the Eastbourne direction that run through to Ore or Ashford will generally use platform 3 instead of crossing to platform 2.

  • On Saturday evenings there will be a new 23:35 Hastings-Tonbridge train (calling at all stations), supporting the local economy, and allowing people who have been at the theatre, a music venue or on a night out in Hastings to can return without having to leave before the event has finished. This has been introduced at the request of Hastings Borough Council.

In addition, on weekdays:

  • The 07:50 Hastings-Charing Cross will call additionally at Orpington (departing at 09:08)
  • The 19:51 Tunbridge Wells-Charing Cross and the 21:00 Charing Cross-Tunbridge Wells are both reinstated.

Maidstone East line (weekdays)

  • The 20:03 Ashford International-London Victoria is reinstated.
  • The 20:55 London Victoria-Ashford is reinstated.

The following additional services will operate:

  • The 08:42, 11:42 and 14:42 from London Blackfriars-Maidstone East
  • The 09:55, 12:55 and 15:55 Maidstone East-London Blackfriars

All services will call at Elephant & Castle, Bromley South, Swanley, Otford, Borough Green & Wrotham and West Malling, and at the same stations in the opposite direction.

These services will operate on weekdays and commence on Monday 21 February 2022.

Chatham Mainline


To improve the spread of trains in the late evening from London Victoria the following changes have been made:

  • The 23:40 Victoria-Ramsgate will call additionally at Longfield, Meopham, Newington and Teynham. This service is also retimed later from Faversham to Ramsgate and now connects out of the 2355 St Pancras-Faversham
  • The 23:42 Victoria-Gillingham will start at 00:10 and will no longer call at Denmark Hill. This spreads the late evening departures from Victoria to Medway to half hourly intervals.

Metro area


Platform 1 at London Bridge will re-open:

  • Morning peak services to Cannon Street will now use platforms 2 and 3 (and lines 2 and 3)
  • Evening peak services from Cannon Street will now use platforms 1 and 2 (and lines 1 and 2)
  • Off-peak trains to Cannon Street will use platforms 2 and 3, and trains heading out of London will use services platform 1

    An additional 05:24 Hither Green-Cannon St service will operate calling at Lewisham, St Johns, New Cross & London Bridge, arriving at Cannon St at 05:44.
  • The 08:54 Cannon St ‘rounder’ (via Greenwich and Bexleyheath) is reinstated, departing Barnehurst at 09:48.
  • The 14:39 Slade Green-Cannon Street via Greenwich will no longer operate

Reintroduction of post-midnight trains from London Charing Cross (weekdays)


Services over midnight on weekdays will be reintroduced across the Metro area, including:

  • The 23:11 and 23:41 Dartford-London Charing Cross (via Woolwich Arsenal)
  • The 00:12 and 0042 Charing Cross- Dartford (via Woolwich Arsenal)
  • The 23:25 Dartford-Charing Cross (via Bexleyheath)
  • The 00:26 Charing Cross-Dartford (via Bexleyheath)
  • The 23:18 Gravesend-Charing Cross (via Sidcup and Lewisham)
  • The 00:20 Charing Cross-Gravesend (via Lewisham and Sidcup)
  • The 23:35 Sevenoaks-Charing Cross
  • The 00:04 and 00:50 Charing Cross-Orpington (via Lewisham and Grove Park)
  • The 00:36 Grove Park-Bromley North is reinstated
  • The 23:30 Hayes-Charing Cross
  • The 00:07 Charing Cross-Hayes (via Lewisham)
  • The 23:09 Tunbridge Wells-Charing Cross, calling at High Brooms, Tonbridge, Hildenborough, Sevenoaks, Orpington, London Bridge and Waterloo East
  • The 00:15 Charing Cross-Tunbridge Wells, calling at Waterloo East, London Bridge, Orpington, Chelsfield, Dunton Green, Sevenoaks, Hildenborough, Tonbridge and High Brooms.

On Monday and Tuesday evenings, regular Network Rail engineering work takes place between Charing Cross and London Bridge, which means that all trains after 23:30 are diverted to or from Cannon Street:

  • The 05:05 Cannon Street-Dartford (via Greenwich) will now start from London Bridge. Because of regular overnight engineering work on a Thursday and Friday morning this service will run non-stop between London Bridge and Charlton.
  • The 23:46 Cannon Street-Orpington will no longer run, and is replaced by a new 00:04 Charing Cross-Orpington train.
  • The 23:15 Hayes-Cannon Street service will now terminate at Lewisham. The 23:30 Hayes-Charing Cross service is re-instated, and also calls at London Bridge and Waterloo East
  • The 22:02 Cannon Street ‘rounder’ (via Greenwich and Sidcup) is now diverted to Dartford.

Longer trains


  • The 06:22 Faversham-London Charing Cross via Deal and Tonbridge will be lengthened to 12 carriages from Ashford (departing Ashford at 08:32 and arriving into Charing Cross at 09:52). This service also runs earlier between Dover and Ashford.
  • The 06:42 London Cannon Street-Ramsgate will now split at Ashford and run later between Ashford and Dover.
  • The 08:17 Hastings-Charing Cross (arriving at 10:04) will be lengthened to 12 carriages from Tunbridge Wells. This train runs earlier between West St Leonards and Tunbridge Wells and will attach at Tunbridge Wells.
  • The 06:16 Ore-Charing Cross will be lengthened to 12 carriages
  • The 05:30 Ramsgate-Cannon Street (via the Medway Towns) will be lengthened to 11 carriages
  • The 07:15 Ashford-Cannon Street (via Headcorn) will be lengthened to 12 carriages
  • The 07:45 Hayes-Cannon Street will be lengthened to 10 carriages
  • The 16:56 Cannon Street-Hayes will be lengthened to 10 carriages
  • The 17:41 Cannon Street-Dover (via the Medway Towns) will be lengthened to 12 carriages
  • The 18:11 Cannon Street-Margate (via the Medway Towns) will be lengthened to 11 carriages

For further information contact:

Southeastern Press Office

0330 095 9091  

About Southeastern:

Southeastern runs train services into London from Kent and East Sussex, operating over 2,000 trains a day, carrying more than 640,000 passengers, serving 176 stations and covering 540 miles of track. 

SOUTHEASTERN is owned by SE Trains Ltd, a subsidiary of the Department for Transport’s public sector owning group, ‘DOHL.’ DOHL has responsibility for three rail companies, LNER, Northern Trains Limited and SE Trains

Southeastern is the trading name of SE TRAINS LIMITED. Registered in England under company 03266762. Registered office address: Albany House, Floor 8, 94-98 Petty France, London, England, SW1H 9EA. SE Trains Limited is a subsidiary of the Department for Transport’s Operator of Last Resort Limited - ‘DOHL.’


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