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02 Feb 2024

Southeastern gearing up for its biggest-ever intake of apprentices this year

Southeastern gearing up for its biggest-ever intake of apprentices this year: Khadiija Mohamed RPO VIC BWV landscape

  • Southeastern preparing to welcome a record of over 400 new apprentices this year
  • Opportunities will be available across a range of front-line and office-based roles
  • Confirmation of numbers comes ahead of the start of National Apprenticeship Week – on Monday 5th February

**Interviews are available with all colleagues mentioned below. Please contact the Press Office to make arrangements**

Southeastern, one of the country’s biggest and busiest passenger train operators, is today launching its biggest-ever opportunity for apprentices to join the team!

During the course of the year, Southeastern expects to recruit 412 apprentices to a range of roles; from train drivers to conductors and from engineers to data analysts and head office management opportunities - including the opportunity to progress up to a Masters in Business Administration.

Anyone considering this should also keep in mind Southeastern is a multi-award-winning great place to work!

Southeastern is one of only three organisations in the UK which has achieved ‘Gold’ standard in all three aspects of Investors in People; People, Wellbeing and Apprentices.

It’s also helped nearly 550 people complete their apprenticeship programme since 2018.

Southeastern is also:

  • Winners of the Male Apprentice of the Year Award (2022)
  • The first operator in the country to have completions in Level 2 and Level 3 Train Drivers
  • Made the Top 100 for Apprentice Employers three years in a row!
  • Gold Award holder for the ‘5% Club’ for two years in a row – meaning we’ve had more than 5% of our workforce on an apprenticeship in the last 2 years.

The theme of National Apprenticeship Week 2024 is Skills for Life. That can include anyone; from helping new entrants into work to start them off on the right track or helping existing workers to learn and develop new skills and seek new opportunities.

Steve Foster, People Director at Southeastern, said:

“We are delighted to be gearing up to welcome our biggest ever apprentice intake. We have 412 opportunities across a range of roles and we are looking for great people, who are eager to learn new skills and want to help us build a better, more reliable and sustainable railway.

“People often think apprenticeships are only for young people, or people who failed their exams – that’s complete nonsense! Our learners range from teenagers to people in their sixties and from people who don’t have qualifications to those who have qualifications but simply want to pursue new opportunities.  

“So, if this sounds like it might be you, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.”

Khadiija Mohamed, 23, is a Revenue Protection Officer at London Bridge, she said:

“I started working part time with an agency on the railway as something to supplement my university studies. Working in passenger assist, I enjoyed going out and about all over the network and quickly became a team leader. I loved the responsibility I had and I loved working, so I decided to leave university and work in the railway full time.  

“I was really surprised at how manageable it was to fit around my job. Everything we were doing within the apprenticeship we were also doing on the job, so I could progress quickly and complete it during my working hours.  

“Not only did completing my apprenticeship give me the job in the railway that I really wanted, in a role that suited me, but it also helped me grow as a person. It was an opportunity to look at the things I knew I wasn’t naturally good at and it helped me learn the skills and confidence to be good at them.  

“If you’re thinking about doing an apprenticeship, why not? It is there for your self-development and will give you an extra qualification in your working hours.”

Stephen Ellis, joined as an apprentice driver and is now a Driver Trainer Assessor, he added:

"The environment at Southeastern is 100% supportive to those doing apprenticeships. I’ve worked at other TOCs previously and when I came over to Southeastern, I got that family feel back and felt the culture of support.

"My career goal is to be a Head of a Department one day and I think doing another apprenticeship could help me get there. My school education was minimal, so all my career progression so far has been a result of hard work, going the extra mile and getting people to believe in me and give me opportunities. I’ve realised that can only take me so far, so I’m hoping to take my Level 5 Learning and Devlopment starting this June.”


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