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18 Aug 2023

Southeastern upgrades all accessible toilets at stations to be 'Stoma Friendly'

Southeastern upgrades all accessible toilets at stations to be 'Stoma Friendly': Southeastern-55

  • Colostomy UK calls for all train companies to make accessible toilets 'Stoma Friendly'
  • Accessible toilets at Southeastern stations across our network are have been upgraded to help people change their stoma bags without hassle or embarrassment

All accessible toilets on the network have been upgraded to include the following:

  • Hook on door – To hang clothing, handbags and luggage while changing stoma bags. This provides more space in the cubicle.
  • Shelf space – To enable people living with a stoma to spread out their items easily and avoid having to use unsanitary surfaces.
  • Mirror – To enable users to see their stoma while changing their appliances.
  • Disposal bin in every cubicle – To avoid embarrassment for men and women having to dispose of their stoma bag in public view.
  • Accessible #stomafriendly toilet signage – To highlight the right of people living with a stoma to use the toilet and reduce the risk of hostility for ostomates when using an accessible toilet.

Giovanni Cinque Marketing & Campaigns Manager for Colostomy UK welcomed Southeastern’s commitment to making travel on their network easier for people living with a stoma.

“Results from our 2022 Stoma Aware survey revealed that 62% of respondents believe a lack of suitable toilet facilities is impacting on their day-to-day life, discouraging them from many of the activities much of society takes for granted.

Confidence in the knowledge that suitable facilities exist across the network will I’m sure encourage the thousands of people living with a stoma who are potential Southeastern passengers to get on board whether it be for work or leisure. We hope their vision will soon be replicated by other train companies across the UK”

Laura Holmes, Accessibility and Inclusion Manager, Inclusive Customer Experience says:

“We continually engage with our Accessible Travel Advisory Panel and one of our members noticed the need for more stoma-friendly facilities.  We saw this as an opportunity to make our own accessible toilets more inclusive and have now installed over 75 stoma shelves in accessible toilets across our network.  

"We're able to do this with the help and support of Colostomy UK who provided us with key information about the size and placement of a stoma shelf within a toilet facility.

"We're really pleased with this achievement and we'll continue to make improvements to the facilities we offer at Southeastern to make our network a place where everyone feels welcome and can travel with confidence.”

The full list of all seventy one stations with Stoma Friendly accessible toilet facilities can be found here

For more on Colostomy UK’s campaigns visit

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Notes to editors

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About Southeastern:

SOUTHEASTERN is owned by SE Trains Ltd, a subsidiary of the Department for Transport’s public sector owning group, ‘DOHL’. DOHLhas responsibility for three rail companies, LNER, Northern Trains Limited and SE Trains. 

Southeastern is the trading name of SE TRAINS LIMITED. Registered in England under company 03266762. Registered office address: Albany House, Floor 8, 94-98 Petty France, London, England, SW1H 9EA. SE Trains Limited is a subsidiary of the Department for Transport’s Operator of Last Resort Limited - ‘DOHL’.


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