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16 May 2017

Changes to some fares on Sunday 21 May

Changes to some fares on Sunday 21 May: Ticket Machines

A spokesman said: “We understand no one wants to pay more for their journey, which is why we’ve frozen some of our fares for the past three years. But like any business, we sometimes need to adjust our prices. When this happens we always try to keep any increases to a minimum.

“The changes coming into effect from Sunday will see some tickets for Off-Peak travel go up by 3.4 per cent or 10p, whichever is greater. However, this does not affect anyone with a Season Ticket or passengers travelling in peak hours, who won’t pay any extra for their train.

“For others, we have a range of discounts including ‘advanced fares’, still at January 2016 prices, ‘GroupSave’ and our ‘Kids For A Quid’ offer. We’ve also made our cheapest online deals more widely available for our passengers, who can now buy them at their local ticket office.

“If any of our passengers want advice on how to buy their train ticket at the best possible price, our station employees are happy to help as are our Customer Services and Twitter teams. And we remain fully focused on delivering improvements across our network, to make the services we offer our passengers better.”

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Southeastern Press Office

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